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Movie: How big was the Bastille?


Within a month I hope to publish on Youtube an interesting movie/video explaining how I solved the mystery of how big the Bastille was.  Not an easy task!  In the meantime, you can find primary information in my book “George Washington’s Liberty Key.”  Stay tuned!  www.LibertyKey.US

Famous French Executioner Family


5. Charles Henri-Sanson

The Henri-Sanson  family conducted executions for the French for over 200 years. Known for his part in the Revolutionary Reign of Terror, Charles was a showman who had record attendance numbers for his executions. He was once purportedly told to slow down after conducting 300 back-to-back murders, because the locals were complaining about the stench of blood. Henri-Sanson is famous for speaking out against the French government’s decision to eliminate hanging and make beheading the only form of capital punishment in France. In his prolific writings he argued, “Swords have very often broken in the performance of such executions, and the Paris executioner possesses only two.” The debate he led about the virtues of hanging and beheading led to the adoption of the guillotine as the proper beheading method.

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